Looking in the mirror.

Do you ever step back and look in the mirror. See yourself, say hello, speak kind words to that inner you. Draw out that child, help them grow. Humble that scared teen. Calm the defensive end. Listen to the guidance from your center.

Have you centered? Draw your whole self in and be present with yourself. Feeling the power that it has for you. Allow your body to move. And your mind to be free. No judgment please. Unplugged and suspended in your own universe. Somewhere between the physical and the nothingness of your mind. Your blank screen if you will.

Hey there. You may have been a different person at one time and that guilt maybe heavy but look at it. You may have shame for things you were doing, believing and following. You may have empathy towards the softer side who was hurt. See the selfish greed from the nasty portion. Don’t forget the purposefully selfish piece. Or the part that maybe be the worst, the piece molded and rooted in, nasty humor that is at the expense of others.

These are all pieces to the puzzle you can put it back to together by addressing the emotions behind these behaviors. I see you. I know you well and I have seen the growth. You’re a survivor. An honest to God survivor. It’s really a miracle for any of us to escape our innocently messed up childhoods. We are the few, who look in and work on it. We can be mindful of the hurt and pain and speak to it and let it go.

You’re a survivor. And you’re fixing the broken link that is in our DNA our ansistory and making sure the future generations will know how to survive the nasty world they will eventually be broken by, if they haven’t learned the skills already.


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